About Us

The team at Link Me Local has over 35 years of combined marketing, sales, business ownership, advertising and IT experience. 

We have created Link Me Local for both local businesses and consumers alike. 

It occurred to us that with the advancement of the digital world, and the decline of paper publications, consumers are actually losing the ability to find what they are looking for in a timely, reliable and consistent manner, or you could say local businesses are getting lost in the sea of ever changing search engines, social media and consumer fatigue.

In a nut shell local businesses are finding it harder to connect with consumers, and consumers are missing out on many great local businesses.

We are changing this dynamic. 

Link Me Local is here to provide a reliable and consistent resource for consumers who are looking for local businesses. Its that simple!

We have combined technology with simplicity to create a powerful tool for local businesses and consumers to connect.  
Link Me Local