Submarine House

Submarine House
7850 N Main St
Dayton, OH 45415
United States


THE 1970's & 1980's
The very first Submarine House was opened in 1973 on Brown Street near the University of Dayton by Doug Kidd. It was a true original. Submarine House was the first in the area to introduce the east coast style Cheese steak Sub. It was such a success, that it became the trademark of Submarine House. Working in Dayton, Gary Danner would go to eat there often. Actually, he loved the subs so much, that in 1978 he became the first franchisee, still located today at 7850 N. Main Street. In 1984, after serving thousands of Cheese steaks and Oven Toasted Deli Subs, Gary bought the Submarine House franchise from Doug. Submarine House continued to slowly grow and expand around the Dayton, Ohio area. Growing up, Gary’s sons, Jason, Brody, and Seth worked for Submarine House. Jason and Brody went to college to study business and after college went to work full time for the company.
In March of 2006, they opened the very first Submarine House Bar and Grill, and immediately, it was a huge success. Jason and Brody have since taken over the Submarine House franchise. But you can still find Gary, and wife Susan, at the Submarine House on North Main Street.

THE 1990’s & 2000’s
In 1997, Jason opened his first Submarine House and in 1999, Brody opened his first Submarine House. Jason and Brody continued to work with and expand the Submarine House concept. They had always talked about what it would be like to have a Submarine House with a sports bar atmosphere. With both of them playing hockey for Ohio University and spending a few weekends in the bars there, they decided to pursue their dreams.
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